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Natural Breeding & Artificial Insemination

Our current herd sires are pictured below with some brief information. We also produce kids by means of Artificial Insemination from well known, and sometimes rare semen straws from legendary Kikos' past.



Honcho's Keeper is a son of Goliath's Imprint (aka Boss), a full brother to Goliath's Keeper, and the grandson of Goatex Goliath (the largest of the originally imported bucks). His dams side is also impressive. She was a daughter of Tay Onyx (a son of Tasman Zoro) and granddaughter of Sunboy 117 (Loverboy). Honcho has been producing offspring here since late 2019 and he is off to an impressive start. He has already produced a few bucks that have went on to sire herds of their own. He is also producing fine does that have all inherited his propensity for muscle development, good feet, parasite resilience, and overall hardiness. We have several of his daughters in our breeding program and so far they are showing fantastic mothering abilities and have nice udders as well. Both sons and daughters alike have had impressive confirmation, nice square chest, and have had consistent heavy weaning weights. They also have that thick, muscled rear that is so hard to get on a Kiko. As they grow, they become phenomenal grazers and foragers and despite their size, they maintain body condition better, and with less input than many lines we've worked with.

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